Descriptive verbs / Adjectives 다 and BASIC form

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  • 싸다 cheap (다 form)
  • 비싸다 expensive (다 form)
  • 짜다 salty (다 form)
  • 달다 sweet (다 form)
  • 쓰다 bitter (다 form)
  • 크다 big (다 form)
  • 작다 small (다 form)
  • 좋다 good, nice (다 form)
  • 나쁘다 bad (다 form)
  • 재미있다 interesting, fun (다 form)
  • 맛있다 tasty, delicious (다 form)
  • cheap (BASIC form)
  • 비싸 expensive (BASIC form)
  • salty (BASIC form)
  • 달아 sweet (BASIC form)
  • bitter (BASIC form)
  • big (BASIC form)
  • 작아 small (BASIC form)
  • 좋아 good, nice (BASIC form)
  • 나빠 bad (BASIC form)
  • 재미있어 interesting, fun (BASIC form)
  • 맛있어 tasty, delicious (BASIC form)

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