Do, does or did?

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  • Where ___ he live now? does
  • I don't think she ___ what they accuse her of. did
  • ___ he speak English? does
  • No, he ___ not care for her, unfortunately. does
  • ___ you go to the party yesterday? did
  • Who ___ love dogs? does
  • My brother and his wife ___ not live here at the moment. do
  • ___ you remember my sister? do
  • No, she ___ not speak Spanish. does
  • Norma ___ not always go to school. does
  • ___ you watch TV last night? did
  • Yes, I really ___ hate Monday mornings. do
  • When ___ the party begin tomorrow? does
  • No, my sister ___ not play the violin. does
  • Where ___ you buy your new shirt? did

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