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  • to aim celi
  • to hit trafi
  • to agree konsenti
  • to miss (something) maltrafi
  • to disagree malkonsenti
  • to guess diveni
  • to divide dividi
  • to progress progresi
  • to describe priskribi
  • to exist ekzisti
  • to suffer suferi
  • to consider an idea konsideri ideon
  • to assume, to suppose supozi
  • to paint (a house or wall) farbi
  • to consider the consideration taksi la konsideron
  • to perish perei
  • to apply apliki
  • a fact fakto
  • to define difini
  • to mean signifi
  • to prepare prepari
  • to be aware (of a fact) konscii
  • to analyse analizi
  • to compare kompari
  • to rule regi
  • to stop, to cease ĉesi
  • to repeat ripeti
  • to permit, to allow permesi
  • to opine opinii
  • to understand kompreni
  • What is it about? Pri tio temas?
  • to present, to introduce prezenti
  • to know how scipovi
  • to apologize pardonpeti
  • I lost weight Mi perdis pezon
  • to hinder malhelpi
  • to weigh the meat pesi la viandon
  • a scale pesilo
  • to hesitate heziti
  • to concern koncerni
  • to ask, to request peti
  • to strive to strebi
  • to impress impresi
  • a target celo

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