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  • igi to make, to change state of something
  • faligi to drop
  • manĝigi to feed
  • grandigi to enlarge, to make bigger
  • kreskigi plantojn to to grow plants
  • forigi remove, elimate, take away
  • daŭri to last
  • daŭrigi to continue
  • morti to die
  • mortigi to kill
  • ŝajnigi pretend
  • sekigi to dry
  • timigi to scare, to frighten, to intimidate
  • timiga frightening, scary, intimidating
  • feliĉigi to make happy
  • aperi to appear
  • aperigi to brirng out
  • parkerigi memorize, to memorize, learn by heart
  • bruli to burn
  • bruligi to burn (down) something
  • malebligi to prevent, to disable
  • enuigi to bore
  • memorigi to remind
  • purigi to clean
  • pasigi tempon to pass time
  • tempo pasas time passes
  • bonvenigi to welcome
  • disvastigi to spread
  • apartigi to separate
  • devigi to require
  • postuli to demand
  • plibonigi to improve

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