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  • ahead, foward antaŭen
  • back, backward malantaŭen
  • right (side) dekstre
  • left (side) maldekstre
  • street corner stratangulo
  • to turn turni
  • kilometer kilometro
  • to stop, to halt halti
  • store vendejo
  • meter metro
  • to cross transiri
  • side flanko
  • metro, subway metroo
  • entrance enirejo
  • part parto
  • station, train station stacidomo
  • to be located at situi
  • direction direkto
  • to reach, to achieve atingi
  • square placo
  • to follow sekvi
  • busb buso
  • a stop (bus stop, tram stop, train stop) haltejo
  • go out, exit eliri

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