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  • when kiam
  • who, which, that kiu
  • there tie
  • car aŭto
  • that thing, that one tiu
  • this ĉi
  • why kial
  • thing, matter afero
  • about, in, of pri
  • to say, to tell diri
  • ask, to ask demandi
  • answer, to answer, reply respondi
  • whose kies
  • whether, really ĉu
  • something io
  • question, a question demando
  • answer, an answer respondo
  • capable kapabla
  • important, an important grava
  • where, where to kien
  • true, real, truthful vera
  • to know (somone) koni
  • to know (a fact) scii
  • what, that kion
  • here ĉi tie
  • that tio
  • this ĉi tio

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