Duolingo - verbs 1

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  • if se
  • to send sendi
  • to run kuri
  • to work labori
  • to think pensi
  • too see vidi
  • to change ŝanĝi
  • to have the right to, may rajti
  • to sit sidi
  • to study studi
  • always, forever ĉiam
  • to look at, watch rigardi
  • to be correct pravi
  • to be wrong malpravi
  • door pordo
  • ought, should, must devi
  • to miss malfermi
  • to stand stari
  • to close fermi
  • show montri
  • to listen aŭskulti
  • work, job laboro
  • to help helpi
  • help, aid helpo
  • dance danco
  • to call, to phone telefoni
  • to start, to begin komenci
  • to remember (something) memori
  • so, that, as tiel
  • to thank danki
  • to meet renkonti
  • to act, do something agi
  • to fear, to be afraid timi
  • alone, only one, sole sola
  • to accept akcepti
  • to trust fidi
  • bathroom, a toilet, lavatory necesejo
  • to forgive pardoni
  • to finish, to end fini
  • to use uzi
  • to wait atendi
  • to ask for, to request peti

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