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  • haver there to be
  • there is / there are (haver)
  • comer to eat
  • tomar to have (a drink)
  • tomar um café to have a coffee
  • apanhar to catch (a train)
  • viver/morar to live
  • morrer to die
  • partir to leave
  • trocar to exchange
  • entender/compreender to understand
  • dividir to divide
  • perceber to get something (understand)
  • chegar to arrive
  • trabalhar to work
  • estudar to study
  • dar to give
  • vir to come (learn Eu venho de)
  • ir to go
  • começar to start
  • viagar to travel
  • pensar to think
  • ficar to stay (or to become)
  • fumar to smoke
  • tocar to play (a musical instrument)
  • detestar to hate
  • tentar to try
  • preparar-se to get ready
  • chover (to) rain
  • descansar to rest
  • colocar to put

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