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  • instantly directly, immediately, right away
  • ought to should
  • overseer manager, boss, superintendent
  • talk back argue, disagree, contend
  • block housing in a large building that is divided into separate units
  • beating a punishment or assault in which the victim is hit repeatedly
  • the Drinking Gourd glass, can, mug
  • imaginary unreal, imagined, fanciful
  • plantation large farm
  • belongs to appertain to, bear upon/on
  • advertisement publicity, commercial, announcement
  • raisin dried grape
  • cling (clung, clung) attach to, fasten, clasp
  • frightened very scared, afraid, fearful
  • reasonable tolerable, acceptable
  • fortune wealth, possessions
  • afford able to have or do, manage
  • barrel cask, cylindrical container
  • steerage third class on a ship
  • sewer drain, sewage system
  • yellow fever disease, Yellow jack, yellow plague
  • examination analysis, diagnosis, inspection
  • closer refine, carefully
  • quayside harbour, dock
  • crowded fill, overfill
  • all the while all time, all long, during
  • hound dog hunting dog
  • amazement confusion, shock, stunner
  • molasses syrup, sugar, glucose
  • unbearable a bit much, very bad, unacceptable, insufferable
  • catch one's breath take a short break, stop for a breath
  • occasional Single, just one
  • odour smell, stink, stench
  • the Bering Strait a strait between USA and Russia
  • for better well, better, favorably
  • for worse bad, unpleasant, less good
  • smallpox disease, pox
  • reservation restriction, act of holding something
  • defeat loss, failure, lose, breakdown
  • rapid-firing fast/speedy/accelerated shooting

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