Engelska 7 - An Indian entrepreneur word list

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  • civil servant someone who works for the government
  • upbringing the way a child is treated and instructed as he is growing up
  • enable make something possible
  • fit the mould be similar to something typical
  • prospect possibility
  • inherent natural
  • penchant liking
  • in your mind´s eye in your imagination
  • patronize act superior
  • have a screw loose be a little crazy
  • business venture new and risky business activity
  • yield produce
  • venture capitalist person who invest money in new businesses
  • viability ability to be successful
  • onslaught attack
  • in part partly
  • love marriage a marriage based on mutual love
  • hardship pain
  • blueprint plan for doing something new
  • scrutinize examine carefully
  • contract hire
  • premises land used by a business
  • accounting bookkeeping
  • come at the time of
  • know something like the back of your hand be very familiar with something
  • setback problem
  • cast doubt on have doubts about
  • broadcaster person or organization that presents a tv or radio programme
  • whatnot other similar things
  • spotlight public eye
  • domesticated person person happy to be at home
  • prosper succeed
  • frank honest
  • at stake at risk
  • executive staff senior managers in an organization
  • headweight pride
  • opening opportunity
  • have a soft corner for be fond of
  • profound deep
  • consign put away
  • springboard launching pad
  • at large as a whole

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