Engelska 7 test 2

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  • important, noticable prominent
  • describe, represent portray
  • extremely happy, beautiful or peaceful idyllic
  • include (a number of different things) range from...to
  • relate to, fit with tie in with
  • figurative/visually descriptive language imagery
  • extremely important crucial
  • way in which things are the same similarity
  • join smoothly weld
  • long and thin spindly
  • bog, marsh swamp
  • hard to reach inaccessible
  • progress going
  • made up of a series of small dots dotted
  • mark something on a map plot
  • confused mess tangle
  • one after the other (continuously) alternate
  • end point (of a journey) destination
  • accurate, able to be trusted reliable
  • drawing or graph giving information chart
  • when one thing stops you concentrating on another thing distraction
  • glowing lucent
  • cut away the skin (of a fruit/vegetable) pare
  • thick piece of wood from a tree log
  • irregular, uncertain erratic
  • empty, unoccupied vacant
  • wild uninhabited area wilderness

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