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  • What’s your name? Ashno smiytek?
  • My name is… Smiyti…
  • How old are you? She7al fe 3emrek?
  • I am … years old. 3endi … 3am.
  • Where are you from? Mnin nta / nti?
  • I am from… Ana men…
  • Do you work or study? (m) Kheddam awla katqra? (m)
  • Do you work or study? (f) Hheddama awla katqray? (f)
  • I study. Kanqra.
  • What do you study? Ash katqra / katqray?
  • I study medicine. Kanqra tibb.
  • I work Kankhdem
  • Where do you work? Fin kheddam / kheddama?
  • What’s your job? Fash kheddam / kheddama?
  • I am a lawyer Ana mo7ami
  • Are you married? Mzewwej / mzewwja?
  • Yes, I am married. Ah, ana mzewwej / mzewwja.
  • No, I am not married. Lla, ana ma mzewwejsh / mzewwejash.
  • Do you speak English? Katehder / Katehderi neglizia?
  • I speak a little Arabic. Kanehder shwia d l3erbia.
  • Nice to meet you. Metsherrfin
  • Please 3afak
  • I love you Kanbghik
  • I miss you Twe77eshtek
  • A lot Bezzaf
  • A little Shwiya
  • Okay Wakha
  • Now Daba
  • Not now Mashi daba
  • Or Awla
  • And W
  • It’s no problem Mashi moshkil
  • It was not me Mashi ana
  • I want… Bghit…
  • I don’t want... Ma bghitsh…
  • I am done Salit
  • I am not done Ma salitsh
  • Beautiful Zwin / zwina
  • Ugly Khayb
  • Good Mezyan
  • Excuse me (m) Sme7 lia
  • Excuse me (f) Sem7i lia
  • I don’t speak Arabic Ma kanhdersh l3erbia
  • I don’t / didn’t understand Ma fhemtsh
  • Do you understand me? Fhemtini?
  • I don’t have any money Ma 3endish leflouss
  • Welcome Mer7ba
  • Take (this) Hak / haki
  • Give me… 3tini…
  • I know 3reft
  • I don’t know Ma 3reftsh
  • I forgot Nsit
  • I have to go Khasni nemshi
  • It’s your turn Noubtek
  • It’s my turn Noubti
  • I am tired 3yit
  • Where is the W.C? Fin kayna twalit?
  • Congratulations Mebrouk
  • Can you help me? (m) Tqdr t3awenni?
  • Can you help me? (f) Tqdri t3awenini?
  • I am looking for… Kanqelleb 3la...
  • I can’t / didn’t find Ma lqitsh...
  • Agreed/Enough Safi
  • Slowly Beshwia
  • Faster Bezzerba
  • Maybe Imken
  • Of course Tab3an / Akid
  • I have a problem. 3endi moshkila.
  • What do you think? Ashno ban lik?
  • What did you say? Ashno guelti?

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