Engelska (climate change)

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  • global warming globalno zatopljenje
  • Paris agreement Pariski sporazum
  • climate impact klimatski utjecaj
  • aim for cilj za
  • survival opstanak
  • reduce smanjiti
  • no restriction bez ogranicenja
  • animal species zivotinjske vrste
  • mass extinction masovno izumiranje
  • increase povecati
  • save resources ustedjeti resurse
  • humans ljudi
  • fossil fuel fosilno gorivo
  • crisis kriza
  • solution rjesenje
  • air pollution zagadjenje zraka
  • threaten our existence prijete nasem postojanju
  • flooded cities poplavljeni gradovi
  • greenhouse gas staklenicki plin
  • emission emisija
  • rapid change is required potrebna je brza promjena
  • climate change klimatske promjene
  • save energy cuvati energiju
  • recycled paper reciklirati papir
  • sustainable odrziv
  • most important issue najvaznije pitanje

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