engelska glosor 12/2 2024

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  • suffrage the right to vote
  • sea change a big change
  • campaigning events to bring about change
  • beneficial good, helpful
  • disobedience refusal to obey
  • arson the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property
  • railings a fence made of metal poles
  • devote to give time
  • aftermath the result of a serious event or accident
  • immense very big
  • vaporise to turn into gas
  • ultimatum a threat, a warning
  • swiftly quickly
  • surrender to give up
  • defiant proud not to obey
  • implore to beg
  • privilege a special favor
  • apprehensive nervous
  • controversial liked by some, not by others
  • bitterness anger
  • negotiate to discuss
  • dismantle to take apart
  • apartheid a political system based on race

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