Engelska Glosor 2

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  • Turn away from; give up relinquish
  • Everlastingly: for all time Perpetually
  • The quality of having a sharp edge or point Acuteness
  • Not subject or susceptible to change or variation. Immutable
  • Quality of being disposed to evil; intense ill will Malignity
  • Earnest or urgent request Entreaty
  • The immediate descendants of a person Progeny
  • Lasting a very long time Transitory
  • Tending to bring about; be partially responsible for Conducive
  • Reduce in worth of character, usually verbally Degrade
  • The appearance conveyed by a person's face Countenance
  • Express strong disapproval of Deplore
  • Lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike Contempt
  • Make payment to Recompense
  • Totally unlikely Inconceivable
  • Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions Vehement
  • The act of giving a false appearance pretence
  • To feel sorry for something bad you have done Repent
  • A violent disturbance Turmoil
  • Give moral or emotional strength to Console

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