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  • taboo banned on grounds of morality or taste.
  • cut me/someone some slack to treat is a less harsh way.
  • to have someone's back to protect someone that is doing something risky.
  • make amends to do something to correct a mistake that no one has made.
  • no strings attached nothing that is unpleasant that you have to accept.
  • downtown located in the lower part or business center of a city.
  • grim ugly
  • convenience store shop open for long hours.
  • about to explode angry
  • snap out of it to stop being in or to cause (someone) to stop being in (an unhappy condition)
  • gwak stare stupidly
  • antsy restless
  • huri to throw forcefully
  • eulogies a commendatory oration
  • vigorously woth force and energy
  • disappoint to fail to meet the expectiation
  • especially in particular

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