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  • eradicate destroy or get rid of
  • Assimilate become a part of a country or community
  • intend mean/have a plan
  • abuse treat someone cruelly/use drugs etc
  • orphan a kid with no parents
  • indigenous native/belonging to a particular place
  • villify say/write bad things about someone
  • memorabilia things connected to a famous person, event
  • reverberate have a strong effect on people over a long time
  • by virtue of by means of, because of
  • manufactured make/produce
  • appropriate (verb) take something away for your own use
  • agony (physical or mental) pain
  • yearn long (for)
  • unbearable too painful to deal with or accept
  • derogatory critical/insulting
  • devote give most of your time/attention to
  • adolescents teenagers
  • emphasis special importance
  • interact communicate
  • impact (powerful) effect
  • perceive to notice/become aware of something
  • peer pressure group pressure

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