engelska irreguljär verbs 2

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  • hide hide, hid, hidden
  • hit hit, hit, hit
  • hold hold, held, held
  • hurt hurt, hurt, hurt
  • keep keep, kept, kept
  • know know, knew, known
  • lay lay, laid, laid
  • lead lead, led, led
  • leap leap, leapt, leapt
  • lean lean, leant, leant
  • learn learn, learned, learned
  • leave leave, left, left
  • let let, let, let
  • lend lend, lent, lent
  • lie lie, lay, lain
  • light light, lit, lit
  • mean mean, meant, meant
  • make make, made, made
  • meet meet, met, met
  • lose lose, lost, lost
  • pay pay, paid, paid
  • put put, put, put
  • read read, read, read
  • ride ride, rode, ridden
  • ring ring, rang, rung
  • rise rise, rose, risen
  • run run, ran, run
  • say say, said, said
  • see see, saw, seen
  • sell sell, sold, sold
  • send send, sent, sent
  • set set, set, set
  • sew sew, sewed, sewn
  • shake shake, shook, shaken

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