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  • take for granted to accept sth as normal
  • sadly unfortunately
  • fall to pieces to break in to small parts
  • spot place
  • recently lately
  • podiatrist a medical foot specialist
  • soak to leave something in water
  • athlete´s foot a fungus around the foot
  • construction work work building houses
  • doorway the entrance to a shop or another building
  • nasty unfriendly
  • hilarious very funny
  • kick to hit sth with your foot
  • set fire to burn something
  • sleeping bag warm bag to sleep in
  • matches small things to use to set a fire
  • come along arrive
  • run off run away
  • quid slang term for pound
  • tea bag bag used to make tea
  • make out to pretend
  • grab to take sth with your hand
  • caution a warning
  • petty small
  • avid enthusiastic
  • a pile of a big amount of sth
  • target a goal
  • fortunately with a good luck
  • building trade the construction business
  • pneumonia a serious illness in the lungs

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