Engeslak glosor 2

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  • forget, forgot, forgotten glömma
  • forgive, forgave, forgiven förlåta
  • get, got, got
  • give, gave, given ge
  • go, went, gone
  • grow, grew, grown växa
  • have, had, had ha
  • hear, heard, heard höra
  • hide, hid, hidden gömma
  • hurt, hurt, hurt skada
  • keep, kept, kept behålla
  • know, knew, known veta
  • lay, laid, laid lägga
  • learn, learned/learnt, learned/learnt lära (in)
  • leave, left, left lämna
  • lend, lent, lent låna (ut)
  • let, let, let låta
  • lie, lay, lay ligga
  • sit, sat, sat sitta
  • sleep, slept, slept sova
  • speak, spoke, spoken tala
  • spend, spent, spent tillbringa (om tid)
  • stand, stood, stood stå
  • steal, stole, stolen stjäla
  • swim, swam, swum simma
  • take, took, taken ta
  • teach, taught, taught lära (ut)
  • tell, told, told berätta
  • think, thought, thought tänka
  • throw, threw, thrown kasta
  • wake, woke, woken väcka
  • wear, wore, worn ha på sig
  • win, won, won vinna
  • write, wrote, written skriva
  • understand, understood, understood förstå

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