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  • be, was/were, been vara
  • become, became, become bli
  • begin, began, begun börja
  • break, broke, broken bryta
  • bring, brought, brought föra
  • build, built, built bygg
  • buy, bought, bought köpa
  • catch, caught, caught fånga
  • choose, chose, chosen välja
  • come, came, come komma
  • cost, cost, cost kosta
  • cut, cut, cut skära, klippa
  • do, did, done göra
  • draw, drew, drawn rita, dra
  • drink, drank, drunk dricka
  • drive, drove, driven köra
  • eat, ate, eaten äta
  • fall, fell, fallen falla
  • feel, felt, felt känna
  • fight, fought, fought slåss
  • find, found, found hitta
  • lose, lost, lost förlora
  • pay, paid, paid betala
  • put, put, put ställa, lägga
  • read, read, read läsa
  • ride, rode, ridden rida
  • run, ran, run springa
  • say, said, said säga
  • see, saw, seen se
  • sell, sold, sold sälja
  • send, sent, sent skicka
  • shake, shook, shaken skaka
  • shoot, shot, shot skjuta
  • shut, shut, shut stänga
  • forbid, forbade, forbidden förbjuda

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