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  • tong bpai gawn I have to go
  • gawn first or before
  • chawp oark-gam-lang-gaai mai do you like to exercise
  • dai krapp, chawp oark-gam-lang-gaai maak krapp absolutly, I like to exercise very much thanks
  • chawp gii-laa arai what sports do you like?
  • sa-kii skiing
  • hi-ma snow
  • bprateed thai mai mii hi-ma thailand does not have snow
  • wing boi khaae-nai how often do you run?
  • khaae-nai a thai question word
  • athit-la 2-3 krang 2-3 per week
  • la per
  • krang time times one or several
  • wanni wing gii gi-lo-made how many kilometer did you run today?
  • gii question word for how many
  • yaang-ngai how
  • gii-laa sport
  • athit-tii-laeo last week

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