Feyruz: FC MEZZI

The exercise was created 2016-12-12 by sommar17. Question count: 12.

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  • Löpa ምጉያይ፡ ዘብዘብ ምባል
  • drömmer ምሕላም
  • proffs ምሕላም
  • tränar ልምምድ ንምግባር ምምሃር‏
  • ofta ተደጋጋሚ፡ ተመላላሲ፡ ብዙሕ ግዜ‏
  • skjuter ምትሕልላፍ (ንቖጸራ፡ ኣኼባ ወዘተ)‏
  • vänster ጸጋማይ‏
  • stark ሓያል
  • oxe ኣርሓ‏
  • energi ጽዓት ወይ ሓይሊ
  • suverän ንፉዕ
  • rädda ‏ምሕጋዝ፡ ምድሓን፡ ከም ዘለዎ ምዕቋር

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