First colloq, adjectives 3 declension, 2 endings

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  • abdominalis, e abdominal
  • aequalis, e equal
  • alveolaris, e alveolar
  • articularis, e articular
  • brevis, e short
  • cerebralis, e cerebral
  • cervicalis, e cervical
  • costalis, e costal
  • dorsalis, e dorsal
  • ethmoidalis, e ethmoid, sieve-shaped
  • facialis, e facial
  • frontalis, e frontal
  • intercostalis, e intercostal
  • intermuscularis, e intermuscular
  • lacrimalis, e lacrimal
  • lateralis, e lateral
  • lumbalis, e lumbar
  • mandibularis, e mandibular
  • maxillaris, e maxillary
  • metacarpalis, e metacarpal
  • muscularis, e muscular
  • nasalis, e nasal
  • orbitalis, e orbital
  • occipitalis, e occipital
  • parietalis, e parietal
  • sacralis, e sacral
  • sphenoidalis, e sphenoid, wedge-shaped
  • sublingualis, e sublingual
  • superficialis, e superficial
  • supraspinatus, a, um supraspinal
  • temporalis, e temporal
  • vertebralis, e vertebral

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