Formal English

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  • help assistance, aid
  • buy purchase
  • need require
  • next/later subsequently
  • also/plus moreover, in addition, furthermore
  • whole entire
  • enough sufficient
  • but however
  • for example for instance, namely, such as
  • when it comes to... regarding, concerning, as for
  • big great, large, major, immense, massive, substantial, vast, enormous
  • small tiny, minor, insignificant
  • bad negative, poor, harmful, undesirable, adverse, subpar, dire
  • right accurate, correct, appropriate
  • wrong false, incorrect, inaccurate, erroneous, amiss
  • calm tranquil, serene
  • nice enjoyable, pleasant, agreeable, delightful
  • dangerous perilous, hazardous, risky
  • serious grave, severe
  • get worse deteriorate
  • make worse exacerbate, worsen, aggravate
  • make better improve
  • important crucial, vital, essential
  • result outcome
  • many, lots of numerous, countless, multiple, several
  • very much, a lot a great deal
  • happen occur
  • should ought to
  • stop prevent, cease
  • because, since due to
  • job occupation
  • kind of, sort of, pretty... rather, quite, somewhat
  • about approximately
  • answer reply, respond
  • change alter, shift
  • problem issue, concern
  • think about consider
  • just, only simply, merely
  • check verify
  • try attempt, endeavor, aspire
  • short brief
  • hurt harm
  • consequences implications, repercussions
  • own possess
  • while whereas
  • way manner, fashion
  • deserve merit
  • start spark, trigger
  • ask inquire (about)
  • quick swift
  • avoid evade
  • be a problem pose a problem
  • now, these days currently, presently, at the moment, at present
  • expect anticipate
  • understand comprehend, grasp
  • say claim, assert, argue, state
  • interesting intriguing, compelling, fascinating
  • give provide
  • show up emerge
  • get obtain, receive, acquire, gain
  • do carry out, perform
  • see view, discern, perceive, distinguish

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