Frågor koreanska

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  • What is it? 뭐예요?
  • Who is it? 누구예요?
  • Where are you going? 어디에 가요?
  • Where is it? 어디에 있어요?
  • What is he doing? 뭐해요?
  • What time is it? 몇 시예요?
  • How many are they? 몇 개예요?
  • What time shall we make it? 몇 시에 만날까요?
  • Where shall we eat? 어디에서 먹을까요?
  • What time will you be available? 몇 시에 시간 되십니까?
  • Afternoon 오후
  • In the afternoon 오후에
  • Tomorrow 내일
  • Today 오늘
  • Yesterday 어제
  • In the morning 아침에
  • In the evening 저녁에
  • At night 밤에
  • In the weekend 주말에
  • On Sunday 일요일에
  • On Saturday 토요일에
  • On Thursday 목요일에

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