Franska glosor 1-25

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  • un a, an, one
  • a to, at, in [not "chez"]
  • en in, by
  • le the; him, her, it, them
  • et and
  • etre to be; (being)
  • de of, from, some, any
  • avoir to have
  • que that, what, who, whom, (which)
  • ne not [not "pas", not "non"]
  • dans in, into, from
  • ce this, that
  • il he, it
  • qui who, whom
  • pas not, n't; (footstep) [not "non", not "ne"]
  • pour for, in order to
  • sur on, upon
  • se oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves
  • son his, her, its; (sound; bran)
  • plus more, no more [not "davantage"]
  • pouvoir can, to be able to
  • par by
  • je I
  • avec with
  • tout all, very

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