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  • good morning labrīt
  • good day/afternoon labdien
  • good evening labvakar
  • good bye uz redzesanos
  • hi (female) sveika
  • hi (anyone/more ppl) sveiki
  • hi (male) sveiks
  • bye ata
  • take care/ all the best visu labu
  • good night ar labu nakti
  • thank you paldies
  • please/here you go/you are welcome lūdzu
  • excuse me atvainojiet
  • I am sorry piedodiet
  • nice to meet you loti patikami
  • nice to meet you too man ari
  • what is your name? ka jus sauc?/ka tevi sauc?
  • what is your kads ir jusu/kads ir tavs
  • first name vards
  • my name is mani sauc/mans vards ir
  • surname uzvards
  • where are you from? no kurienes jus esat?/no kurienes tu esi?
  • I am from sweden es esmu no zvedrijas
  • what are you? kas jus esat?/kas tu esi?
  • I am es esmu
  • how are you? ka jums iet?/ka tev iet?
  • I am good thank you paldies, man iet labi
  • and un

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