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  • What is passé composé? It's the perfect tense. It's used for completed actions in the past. It translates as did/have done
  • Why is it "composé"? Because it's "composed" of three parts; subject, helper verb, and past participle. J'ai joué/Je suis allé(e)
  • What is the helper verb? The present tense of avoir (to have) or être (to be)
  • What is the past participle? It's the verb that tells you what action happened
  • How do you form the helper verb? First you remove the ending from the infinitive, to get the stem. For -er verbs add -é, for -ir verbs add -i, and for -re verbs add -u
  • What is special about the perfect tense with être? The past participle must agree with subject; add e, s or es

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