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  • What time do we start tomorrow? – We start … 9. at
  • What are you doing? I´m painting. What … it look like? does
  • Can I help you _____ anything? with
  • Your parents ___ so rich. They make more money than mine. are
  • ___ old are your grandparents? How
  • He ____________ his first goal in his new club. scored
  • We have got _____apple in our apple tree. an
  • Why don’t they sell __ papayas here? any
  • It would take several days to get here __ train by
  • I’m sure that he did it __ a reason for
  • Could you please pay me __ advance? in
  • 2 days ___ my computer broke ago
  • I’m going to _____ my friend to the party tomorrow bring
  • This bottle is ____ of glass made
  • I’m going to ICA __ 5 minutes in
  • I was ___ in Sweden born
  • My phone has run out of power, I need a___. charger
  • On our _____ we have 10 toes. feet
  • When you sleep, you usually have your head on a___. pillow
  • The sun _ in the east rises
  • She ___ selfies every day. takes
  • Cats _____ water, but dogs love it. hate
  • ___you come to the party tomorrow? Will
  • The train ____ in ten minutes leaves
  • This food tasted ____ shit like
  • I usually don’t like pizza, but this one was ____ good. really
  • Why do you always got to be ___ rude? so
  • Do you want to _____ a joke? I found it on google. hear
  • My favorite color is green because it _______ me of nature. reminds
  • I like to go to sleep early because then I am ___ tired throughout the day. less
  • The airplane flew ____ the clouds and we could look down at them. above
  • The __________ blew his whistle and showed the player off. His tackle wasn’t great. referee
  • Have you ever had a terrible dream, a __________, where you woke up in cold sweat? nightmare
  • In Ursviken we have to _____________. The one where we used to go for graduations and Pingstkyrkan. churches
  • I couldn’t catch up with him. He was __________ fast. too
  • You have to learn all these words ____ heart. by
  • You have a terrible ______________. Have you brushed your teeth? breath
  • Eight plus four equals __________. twelve
  • Stockholm is the ___________ of Sweden. capital
  • A group of people singing together in, for example, a church is called a _____________. choir
  • In Sweden you can only marry one woman but in Sudan a husband can have three _______. wives
  • The farmer had lots of ____ and he sold the wool. sheep
  • He hurt himself when he ______ from the ladder. fell
  • The doctor asked me to ____down on the bed. lie
  • Can you give me a _____? I can't do this on my own. hand
  • Last week I _____all my money on clothes, so now I'm broke. spent
  • How much ______ these watches? are
  • He hit me just below my lip, on my _______, so I fainted. chin
  • My dad worked as a pilot so he ______ planes for 30 years. flew
  • On my grand-mother's ______ everyone cried and her coffin was so beautiful. funeral
  • What do you ____ if you mix a lion and a tiger? A liger! get
  • Are you tired? Yes, I didn't sleep ____ because of bad dreams. -Yes, I didn’t well
  • This is my car. It's mine, not ______, you stealing bastard! yours
  • What do you _____ about the weather? think
  • Plastic is bad for the _____. We need to do something about it. environment
  • I am ______ of spiders. They are so scary. afraid

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