Genki time

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  • One o clock ichiji
  • two o clock niji
  • three o clock sanji
  • four o clock yoji
  • five o clock goji
  • six o clock rokuji
  • seven o clock shichiji
  • eight o clock hachiji
  • nine o clock kuji
  • ten o clock juuji
  • eleven o clock juuichiji
  • twelve o clock juuniji
  • one minute ippun
  • two minutes nifun
  • three minutes sanpun
  • four minutes yonpun
  • five minutes gofun
  • six minutes roppun
  • seven minutes nanafun
  • eight minutes happun hachifun
  • nine minutes kyuufun
  • ten minutes juppun jippun
  • eleven minutes juuippun
  • twelve minutes juunifun
  • thirteen minutes juusanpun
  • fourteen minutes juuyonpun
  • fifteen minutes juugofun
  • sixteen minutes juuroppun
  • seventeen minutes juunanafun
  • eighteen minutes juuhappun juuhachifun
  • nineteen minutes juukyuufun
  • twenty minutes nijuppun nijippun
  • thirty minutes sanjuppun sanjippun

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