Give Me Five 2 Words 2

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  • lemons sidrunid
  • pineapple ananass
  • tomatoes tomatid
  • potatoes kartulid
  • bread leib
  • peaches virsikud
  • carrots porgandid
  • green beans rohelised oad
  • sweets kommid
  • yoghurt jogurt
  • Let’s go shopping Läheme poodi
  • How much is an apple? - It’s 50 cents Kui palju maksab õun? - 50 senti
  • How much are bananas? - They're 2 euros Kui palju maksavad banaanid? - 2 eurot
  • Can I have some oranges, please? Kas ma saaksin mõned apelsinid, palun?
  • Here you are Palun

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