Glosor namae s.8-10

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  • そっけない cold, curt, short, blunt
  • じみる to seem like, to have the characteristics of
  • ますますもって increasingly, more and more
  • 拍車をかける (はくしゃをかける) to spur on, to encourage
  • 耳新しい (みみあたらしい) new to the ears, to hear something for the first time
  • 渋い (しぶい) bitter, sulky, harsh
  • ゆったり comfortable, easy, calm, relaxed
  • 度肝を抜く (どぎもをぬく) to be taken aback, to be shocked
  • V抜く V(ぬく) to do something till the end
  • めくる to turn over, to flip
  • いたずら坊主 (いたずらぼうず) mischievous boy, troublemaker
  • ばらばれ obvious, transparent

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