Glosor till namae s.11-13

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  • なんとも really, very, extremely
  • ほど違う fairly/considerably different
  • なじる to tell off, to scold, to find fault
  • わめく to shout, to scream
  • へとへと exhausted
  • 覚える to remember, to feel
  • すまい not going to do something, have no intention of doing something
  • へらへら speaking carelessly, laughing foolishly
  • 負けず劣らず (まけずおとらず) equally, evenly
  • 性に合う (しょうにあう) to agree with someone
  • 大いなる (おおいなる) big, large, great
  • 名は体をあらわす (なはからだをあらわす) the name expresses the entity

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