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  • Present simple 1.To refer to routine actions or habits. 2.To refer to repeted events. 3.To show that a situation is regarded as permanent. 4.To show that something os always true, or a definite fact
  • The present continues 1.To describe an action which is happening now 2.For temporary situations 3.For a changes or developing situations 4.With always or forever to express irritation
  • The present perfect 1.To refer to present results of a past action or event. 2.To show that an event or action that started in the past has continued until the present 3.To refer to an event or action that happened at an unspecified time in a period up to now 4.To focus on the number of times an action has been repeated
  • The past simple 1.Used for past events, actions or habits (Normally used with a specific time reference; a week ago, in 2010, when i lived abroad)

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