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  • Arterio- Artery
  • Hydro- Water
  • Aetio- Cause
  • Morpho- Form
  • Adeno- Gland
  • Dacryo- Tear
  • Glosso- Tongue
  • Masto- Mammary gland
  • Myelo- Medulla, spinal cord
  • Physio- Nature
  • Blepharo- Eyelid
  • Histo- Tissue
  • Phlebo- Vein
  • Spondylo- Vertebra
  • Cysto- Urinary bladder
  • Bio- Life
  • Colpo- Vagina
  • Gynaeco- Woman
  • Sialo-, ptyalo- Saliva (two different words s.., p...)
  • Cyto- Cell
  • Uro- Urine

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