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  • -aemia, ae f Blood
  • -algia, ae f Pain
  • -ectomia, ae f excision
  • -gramma, grammatis n picture, record
  • -graphia, ae f registration, X-ray examination
  • -itis, itidis f inflammation
  • -logia, ae f Science, study
  • -malacia, ae f Softening
  • -odynia, ae f pain
  • -pathia, ae f morbid state, disease
  • -pexia, ae f Fixation
  • -plegia, ae f Paralysis
  • -phobia, ae f Pathologic fear
  • -rrhagia, ae f Bleeding
  • -rrhaphia, ae f Suturing
  • -rrhoea, ae f Discharge of any fluid
  • -scopia, ae f Instrumental examination, scopy
  • -therapia, ae f Treatment
  • -tomia, ae f Incision, dissection
  • -uria, ae f Urine

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