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  • Yapmak To do, make
  • Gitmek To go
  • Gelmek To come
  • Almak to take, buy, get
  • Istemek To want
  • Ederim to do
  • Çalışmak to work
  • Bilmek to know, to be able to
  • Konuşmak to speak
  • Okumak to read, study, go to school
  • Sevmek to like, to love
  • Demek to say, to mean
  • Düşünmek to think, to consider
  • Yemek to eat
  • Içmek to drink
  • Başlamak to begin
  • Olmak to be, to become, to happen
  • Söylemek to say, sing
  • Yatmak to lie down, go to bed
  • Oturmak to sit, live
  • Sormak to ask

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