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  • took-yaang always 1
  • taang-mouth everything
  • tha-loath always 2
  • yaang-ngai how, and always the same
  • koot-dii very good
  • koot-arrow very delicious
  • yaang-ngai how to something?
  • arrow khaae-nai how good does it taste
  • nan thao-rai how long is that
  • bpai yaang-ngai how to go (there)
  • yaang-ngai how to do (something)
  • tham-mai bpai krung-teep why did you go to bangkok
  • phi tii-laeo khun bpai bprateed thai gap krai last year who did you go to tailand with
  • bpai-tiao traveling
  • duu-nang movies
  • proo-waa because
  • proo because (short)
  • tae but

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