HFW 176-200 (gaps)

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  • I spent the whole (hela) day cleaning.
  • Measure (mät) all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
  • I can remember (komma ihåg) people's faces, but not their names.
  • If you finish early (tidigt) you can go home.
  • They finally reached (nådde fram till) the coast after five weeks sailing.
  • Several (flera) of my friends are learning Spanish.
  • Are you for or against (emot) my proposal?
  • Could you speak more slowly (långsamt)?
  • Dinner's ready (färdig) !
  • She's very loving (kärleksfull).
  • I'll probably (troligen) be home by seven o'clock.
  • He sat (satt) next to me on the bus.
  • I've never seen a more beautiful (vacker) view in my life.
  • We have a new teacher (lärare).
  • We can either (antingen ... eller) eat now or after the show.
  • Can you jump (hoppa) across this stream?
  • It was a sunny day outside (utomhus).
  • They asked themselves (sig själva) where they had gone wrong.
  • I couldn't (kunde inte) find my keys this morning.
  • You're (du är) so nice to me!
  • Be careful with that knife or you'll cut yourself (dig själv).
  • Please (snälla) remember to close the window before you leave.
  • She's got such a pretty (söt) daughter.
  • Is there anything special (särskilt) that you'd like to do today?
  • He suddenly (plötsligt) appeared in the doorway.

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