HFW 200-225 (gaps)

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  • The garden is surrounded by a high (hög) wall.
  • We're open every (varje) day except Sunday.
  • The hotel is near (nära) the airport.
  • Beat the butter and sugar together and slowly add (lägg till) the eggs.
  • There was a lot of food (mat) and drink at the party.
  • The town lies halfway between (mellan) Rome and Florence.
  • I'd like to have my very own (egen) apartment.
  • The author's name was printed below (nedanför) the title.
  • What is the largest country (land) in Europe?
  • This plant (växt) sure grows quickly.
  • The last (sista) thing I need is more work to do.
  • She drives the kids to school (skolan) every morning.
  • My father (pappa) took me to watch the football every Saturday.
  • Do you want this photograph back or can I keep (behålla) it?
  • We sat under a tree (träd) for shade.
  • We've never (aldrig) been to Australia.
  • When do you start (börjar) your new job?
  • For me, Venice is easily the most beautiful city (stad) in Europe.
  • The satellite slowly rotates as it circles the earth (jorden).
  • She's got beautiful green eyes (ögon).
  • Could you switch the light (lampan) on, please?
  • I thought (tänkte) about you all day.
  • Put this hat on to keep your head (huvud) warm.
  • He hid under (under) the bed.
  • It's an age-old story (berättelse) of love and betrayal.

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