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  • The central room (centralrumsplan smaller rooms are gathered around and reached through one large room. The large room is social. Smaller functionally defined dead-end private rooms.
  • The neutral room (den neutrala hallen) strictly differentiated functions. Neutral access to all rooms from a hallway/corridor.
  • The functionally or technically subdivided plan (funktions- och teknikdelad plan) The plan lay-out is determined by the distinction between rooms with technical installations (kitchen and bathroom) and neutral rooms.
  • The zoned plan (den zonerade planen) The organizations of yhe rooms and the lat-out depends on the function. Social rooms (kitchen, living room,) are connected and concentrated and separated from private rooms (bedrooms, bathroom).
  • The three-partie plan (den tredelade planen) Development of the classic “old” apartment. The dark core of a deep building is used for secondary functions, such as circulation, storage or bathroom.
  • The dark core (den mörka kärnan) The dark core is used for storage and bathroom, designed as a freestanding volume, possible to circulate around.
  • Describe what a fire compartment is a part of a building separated from other parts of the building in which a fire, during all or part of a fire progression, can develop without spreading to other buildings. The fire compartment shall be separated from the rest of the building, by enclosing walls and building floors to ensure that people in adjoining fire compartments or buildings are protected during a fire or parts of a fire progress.
  • Slab block (Lamellhus) Residential building with two or more stories above ground, with at least two stairways, not angles or attached to neighboring buildings
  • Block defining structures (kringbyggda gårdar) traditional urban pattern, public street side, private courtyard, double-sided apartments get good qualities. One sided apartment more problematic. The corner situation is hard to solve.
  • Tower block (punkthus) multi-story residential building with one (usually centrally located) stairway, not attached to neighboring buildings. Usually 3-4 apartments/landing
  • Balcony access block (loftgångshus) One stairway serving several apartments by an outside balcony. Economic and effective solution, creating some problems concerning privacy, light and sounds. At the ends of the balconies there is a possibility to create double-sided apartments
  • Star house (stjärnhus) Star-shaped tower blocks with 3 (sometimes 5) apartments/landing, possible to connect to from yards. Good conditions for natural light.

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