How Free Are We?

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  • template pattern for forming a copy
  • supposedly according to what is said or claimed
  • marked by characterized by
  • substantial large
  • disparity difference
  • increasingly more and more
  • narcissistic thinking about yourself a lot
  • among other things in addition to things that are not specifically mentioned
  • vaunted much or overly praised
  • inequality difference in social status or wealth
  • compromise damage moral principles
  • inevitably something that cannot be prevented
  • tempting appealing, inviting
  • equate consider to be the same
  • hence for this reason
  • paradoxical seemingly absurd or self-contradictory
  • determining deciding
  • precursor something that happened before something else and influenced its development
  • physicist person who carries out research connected with physics
  • causal when something causes something else to happen
  • advocate someone who supports a particular way of doing things
  • persuade convince
  • sterile lacking new ideas or imagination
  • subtle clever, less obvious
  • relatively rather
  • outcome result
  • deterministic pre-determined, unavoidable
  • generalise make a general statement about things or people based on limited facts
  • self-determination the ability to make decisions for yourself
  • construe understand
  • autonomy the right to be independent
  • chime with agree with, be the same as
  • randomly by chance
  • disapproval criticism, negative reaction
  • curtail reduce, limit
  • significant considerable
  • abide by stand by, conform with
  • further additional
  • vital essential, crucial, necessary
  • insofar as to the extent that
  • champion support, fight for
  • air make known, tell people about
  • enhance strengthen
  • deliberate intentional
  • bizarrely strangely
  • stem from be caused by
  • entitlement the right to do something
  • assess evaluate
  • extent degree
  • adequate sufficient
  • disregard take no notice of
  • collective shared
  • ability potential, capability

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