idioms and collocations

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  • put my foot in it
  • it will all be worth their while
  • biting the bullet
  • shortage here of affordable housing
  • as bold as brass
  • let the cat out of the bag
  • had a bone to pick
  • eaily led astray by others
  • like a bear with a sore head
  • threw a tantrum
  • vivid imagination
  • caught in a vicious circle
  • having a soft spot for him
  • cutthroat competition
  • terminally ill
  • clutching at straws
  • heard it on the grapevine
  • ran a bath
  • pleads ignorance
  • out of touch
  • canle on the table flickered
  • they bear a grudge
  • looked blissfully happy
  • once in a blue moon
  • took the plunge
  • skim through the book
  • taking the mick out of him
  • squandered all her money
  • call the shots
  • if push comes to shove
  • the exhaust fumes
  • the icing on the cake
  • spread like wildfire
  • sour grapes
  • paying tribute
  • at their beck and call
  • slim figure and sleek waist
  • birds of a feather
  • gave off a big gasp
  • brain drain
  • hopes were dashed
  • actions speak louder than words
  • we are poles apart
  • plain sailing
  • road rage
  • add insult to injury
  • busy as a bee
  • a surge of anger
  • druing a lull in the conversation
  • a bone of contention
  • rough and ready
  • the buck has been passed
  • drive someone up the wall
  • ruffle someones feathers
  • has a familiar ring to it
  • i'm in dire straits
  • wouldn't go amiss
  • if push comes to shove
  • looms large
  • on the ball
  • a slap on the wrist
  • to cost an arm and a leg
  • to cut corners
  • let someone offf the hook
  • giving someone the cold shoulder

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