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  • i was taking Tomaba
  • you was taking tomabas
  • he/ she was taking tomaba
  • we was taking Tomábamos
  • ni was taking tomabais
  • they was taking tomaban
  • i was eating comia
  • you was eating comias
  • he/she was eating comia
  • we was eating comiamos
  • ni was eating comiais
  • they was eating comian
  • jag åkte iba
  • du åkte ibas
  • han/hon åkte iba
  • vi åkte íbamos
  • ni åkte ibais
  • de åkte iban
  • jag var era
  • du var eras
  • han/hon var era
  • vi var éramos
  • ni var erais
  • de var eran
  • jag såg veía
  • du såg veías
  • han /hon såg veía
  • vi såg veíamos
  • ni såg veíais
  • de såg veían

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