Industrial revolution

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  • Jethro Tull Seed drill
  • Robert bakwell sheep meat
  • John Kay Flying Shuttle
  • James Hargreaves invented Jenny - spinning wheel
  • Richard Arkwright water frame
  • Samuel Cromptom Jenny + water frame = spinning mule
  • Edmund Cartwright power loom
  • Eli whitney cotton gin
  • James Watt steam fuel
  • John McAdam road
  • Adam smith Capitalism, wealth of nations
  • Thomas Malthus “An Essay On The Principle Of Population”, little food
  • David Ricardo "principles of political economy and taxation"
  • Jeremy Bentham Made utilitarianism, usefulness
  • John Stuart Mill Led utilitarian movement. Feminism, equal division of profits.
  • Robert oven utopian community
  • Charles Fourier, Saint Simon, Louise blanc socialism, government should control
  • Karl marx, Friedrish Engels “The communist manifesto”. overthrow owners
  • william Wilberforce abolition of slavery
  • Horare Mann of Massachutts free education to all children
  • Francis Capot Lowell + 4 others revolutionized american textile industry
  • Richard Trevitch Steam driven locomotives

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