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  • tempting appealing
  • political prisoner so in prison for their beliefs
  • suffer from to have an illness or disease
  • tax money from the government
  • cause a project which helps people, often a charity
  • abroad in another country
  • decent good
  • underdog not the one expected to win
  • benefit to get money or sth else from so or sth
  • incurable to be ‘ill’ with no chance of
  • rebellious not accepting the rules
  • irreverent cheeky, a little naughty
  • pompous thinking that you are better than other people
  • skills qualities, abilities, things you are good at
  • determination with strong will, strong desire
  • sentence a period of time in prison
  • civil rights protection in law of your freedoms
  • retire to stop work after a long career
  • native Americans the original inhabitants of America
  • join forces connect the powers together
  • bullet a small metal object that is fired from a gun

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