Interrogativos (for questions)

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  • Which? (singular) Qual?
  • Which? (plural) Quais?
  • Where? Onde?
  • Where is Portugal? Onde é Portugal?
  • How many? (people, numbers etc) Quanto/quanta/quantos/quantas?
  • How many? (+verb) Quanto?
  • Which are the colors of the Portuguese flag? Quais são as cores da bandeira portuguesa?
  • "What???" O quê?
  • How? Como?
  • How is the weather in Portugal? Como está o tempo em Portugal?
  • When? Quando?
  • What? (when not choosing something) Que?
  • Why? Porque?
  • By metro De metro
  • Why are you in Portugal? Porque estás em Portugal?
  • Who? Quem?
  • ...because... ...porque...
  • ...why? (reversed sentence) ...porquê?
  • For what reason/motive? Por que razão?
  • By foot A pé
  • How often? Quantas vezes?
  • What do you do? O que fazes?
  • . ponto
  • @ arroba
  • his dele
  • her dela
  • What time? A que horas?

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