Italian - verbs -are

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  • to walk camminare
  • to buy comprare
  • to listen ascoltare
  • to watch guardare
  • to teach insegnare
  • to swim nuotare
  • to live abitare
  • to purchase acquistare
  • to admire ammirare
  • to wash lavare
  • to prepare preparare
  • to plan pianificare
  • to play suonare
  • to remember ricordare
  • to improve migliorare
  • to fight lottare
  • to worry preoccupare
  • to celebrate festeggiare
  • to doubt dubitare
  • to become diventare
  • investigate indagare
  • to shout gridare
  • to explore esplorare
  • to function funzionare
  • to ignore ignorare
  • to control controllare
  • to analyze analizzare
  • to play giocare
  • to consider considerare
  • to dance danzare
  • to wear indossare
  • to memorize memorizzare
  • to save salvare
  • to register registrare
  • to invent inventare
  • to draw disegnare
  • to share condividere
  • to stop fermare
  • to respect rispettare
  • to explain spiegare
  • to deserve meritare
  • to meet incontrare
  • to escape scappare

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