Italienska verb PATH 2021-2

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  • to follow seguire
  • to continue continuare
  • to pay pagare
  • to know personally conoscere
  • to learn imparare
  • to listen to ascoltare
  • to hear sentire
  • to go up salire
  • to sell vendere
  • to travel viaggiare
  • to change cambiare
  • to explain spiegare
  • to finish finire
  • to prefer preferire
  • to serve servire
  • to like, to please piacere
  • to feel sentirsi
  • to drink bere
  • to cook cucinare
  • to eat breakfast fare colazione
  • to eat dinner cenare
  • to eat lunch pranzare
  • to look at guardare
  • to watch guardare
  • to receive ricevere
  • to take out portare fuori
  • to count contare
  • to play (instrument) suonare
  • to get ricevere
  • to win vincere
  • to earn guadagnare
  • to visit visitare
  • to wait for aspettare
  • to help aiutare
  • to remember ricordare
  • to desire desiderare
  • to practice esercitarsi
  • to clean pulire
  • to converse fare conversazione
  • to deliver consegnare
  • to repeat ripetere
  • to return ritornare
  • to get sick ammalarsi
  • to wash oneself lavarsi
  • to get dressed vestirsi
  • to break rompere
  • to bathe (oneself) fare il bagno
  • to burn bruciare
  • to brush spazzolare

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